Saturday, March 5, 2016

Creative You

Identity and the Quartered Circle: Chapter 1 In the Beginning

Creativity and Identity intersect. The shape who you are.

If you think you are not creative, take another look. What creative actions do you have in your job, in the kitchen or workshop and with your kids? When do you think for yourself and jump out of the box? What is quirky about you?

In looking at ourselves as creative spiritual beings, we pagans claim creativity. People who follow the crowd don't end up identifying themselves a pagans and witches. Such a thing is unthinkable to a conformist. So if you are a modern day neo pagan, you are being creative every time you celebrate the full moon or a sabbat. Even if your ritual is lifted whole cloth from a book or website, the act of affirming yourself as someone who honors the earth, moon and seasons is far far from the herd mentality of organized religions people inherit.

I'll take that a step further. The rush we get from creating art, whether it is music, graphic arts, crafts, dance, visual arts, drama or written works, that rush is the opening of spiritual channels of kundalini energy. It is connected to our love and passion with our lovers. It is woven in to our spiritual ecstasy under the full moon and in the act of grounding. Spirituality, Creativity and Sexuality are fibers in the same cloth.

I doubt there is anyone reading this who is not interested in spirituality, asexual and blind to the arts. Not all three at the same time. The creativity you find in one of those areas can awaken your creativity in the other areas. Come join the discussion. Have faith in yourself. Be a creative consciousness. You can do it!

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