Saturday, May 2, 2015

Announcing Sacred Sex and Magick

Publication Release date: June 26, 2015

This book is for people who want a spiritual path that involves the physical ecstasy of sex and the dynamics of magick that works.

Pre-order now from your local books store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or from the publisher, Moon Books.

  Eighteen of us from the Web PATH Center, a pagan church and spiritual community in Lyons, NY, wondered what would happen if we wrote a book about sex.

o The book needed to be spiritual.

o It needed to be sexy.

o It needed to be explicit.

Sacred Sex and Magick is the result.

We describe how ordinary ritual practices like grounding and creating a cone of power involve sensuality and rising kundalini energy.

We explain how to use that power in making magick happen.

Then we share secrets of the Great Rite and how to include the power of the sacred marriage at home.

Solitaries, pagan partners and spouses, and people with spirit lovers all dance with the ecstasy found in this book.

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